Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween On My Street

Before we get all Thanksgiving-y, I wanted to remember how my neighborhood looked on Halloween day.  So cutesy! So colorful!  So many tricks and treats!  Even though it's raining every single day, Penelope Jones and I are going. for. a. walk. This is what we saw on October 31st (which reminds me, I gotta pay the November rent).

A witch! But here they have umbrellas, instead of brooms:

We got only about 2 dozen Trick or Treaters, much to my chagrin. Last year Mr. Jones claims I "canvased" for them, going out onto the sidewalk with candy, even though my house was lit up like a fireplace. This year, one boy at my door summed it up when, out of breathe, he declared, "Sheesh! This neighborhood!  Too many stairs!".  There you have it.  Time to celebrate Halloween in flat Chicago.

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