Monday, October 1, 2012

Penny at 6 months

Penelope Jones turned six months old last week.  Doesn't she look like a real little baby now?  Doing everything babies do: spitting up, drooling and teething, rolling and playing.  Mr. Jones and I were looking back at photos of Penny in the early days, and you don't know how far you've come until you look at where you've been, right?

Penny doesn't want to play alone these days.  She wants to be carried around in our arms, seeing new things and reaching for things to put her in mouth.  She will get down on the ground to play with us, however.  Don't think for a second we have the advantage!

They asked me at her six month check-up whether she's sitting assisted or unassisted.  "Neither!" was my answer.  After an exam, her doctor deemed her able to sit up just fine.  "She just has no interest, because her rolling will get her further.  She might go right from rolling to pulling herself up, to walking."  I didn't know this was possible!  I can't say I'm surprised though.  Penny Jones already likes to do things her own way.  

We're hoping she might like to sit in her high chair for meals, though!  She's just started trying some solid food.  In the good books: sweet potatoes and apples.  Hated: bananas and rice cereal...yuck!

Penny is so very social!  She's "talking" a ton, blowing raspberries and smiling when anyone smiles at her.  I call her a "people pleaser" already ;). She loves to be out around town, loves watching babies and children, and just discovered the hilarity of dogs!

It's been half a year with Penny so far, and though so many people tell me it goes quickly, I feel like I've felt every day with her, though not in a bad way, of course.  Penny has challenged me in every sense, and she's not even a toddler yet!

I can't imagine what another half year will bring to our little family.  Penelope Jones is surely anxious to find out; I can tell!

PS.  We'll be taking a short break here, as Penny and I go on our first flight alone together, to visit friends and family.  October on the East Coast...the absolute BEST! See you soon...xoxo  


Sarah Wells Lamont said...

Happy half birthday lil Pen.Good luck with the trip.Hope to see you guys soon.

Elizabeth said...

She is just gorgeous, Holly! I know what you mean about feeling every day. The time with a child somehow goes fast and slow simultaneously. And kudos to you for traveling with her by yourself! It's tough, but great to get them used to traveling at at young age.