Friday, September 28, 2012

Penny at Play

I took some photos at our library baby group yesterday to show Mr. Jones.  When he asks me what we did each day and I say we went to a playgroup, or I met up with such-and-such nanny in the park, or a new mom took my number and texted me, it all sounds OK.  But now we're getting into a territory where Penny is having her own life, going to activities, squawking at other kids, and playing (as much as spinning on your head and trying to kick anyone smaller than you while having the toy you're holding ripped out of your hand is called playing).  I took these photos to show some of Penelope's life, getting more vivid every day.

At this group, we get a name tag with both of our names and stick it to the baby's back.  Then there are bubbles, we sing songs (I'm still learning the songs.  Where did these songs come from?  I've never heard them before), and they pass out a book for each baby to look at or lick, depending on his/her age.  We're lickers.

Then they spill out a bucket of toys and chaos ensues.  It reminds me of when the waves start in the wave pool, at the water park.  There is a giddy nervousness from the parents.  The babies have no idea what's coming.

It's also fun for Mr. Jones to see Penny with other babies.  Comments included:

"Why is everyone sitting up, and Pen is just lying there?" (Because those kids are older.)
"Is that woman in the background giving birth? It looks like she's pulling a baby out from between her legs!" (She's just holding her daughter while cross-legged.)
"Wicked!  Penny's first basketball game!"

After that, she wanted to pretend to be the dancing bear from the circus, so I let her.

Big Top Penny always goes home tired, which is all you can ask for from an hour and a half at the library...

What you can hope for is that it wasn't such big fun that the memory of it makes it hard to nap, once you're home.  And don't give me this "just put her in her crib tired" business, Mr. Interwebs, you know that doesn't work...  Not even the rocking and lullabies can bring down the adrenaline rush sometimes (suggestions, anyone?).  She's getting to be a big girl, though there's always a bigger girl around, to look up to. 

PS.  Penny's dress is vintage

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Krystal said...

i will be a new mom soon so this was fun to see. i also like the bubbles idea :) cute blog!