Thursday, November 8, 2012

Penny at Seven Months

Penelope Jones turned seven months old last week. It's been such a fun month! Penny's had no problem telling us what she'd like to do this month, and what she wanted (wants, still) is to be carried around by one of us, and shown new things constantly. She's tried lots of new foods, has so much more interactions with other babies, "talks" so much more, and is interested in everything (everything but long naps, that is).

This pumpkin stuff sure entertained her. I mean, could you resist picking this one from the patch?

As I reached for her, she put her foot up and reclined! What a character, especially in her mushroom onesie.

As the weather turned a bit colder, Penny Jones faced her first health issues this month.  She's had a couple colds, a bad bout with tummy trouble, and some pretty severe diaper rash. We now think Penny is (hopefully temporarily) lactose intolerant. We've changed her diet, and she's doing much better. Through it all, though, she never lost that grin!

The days with Penny are so full, and I'm often anxious for Ollie to get home after work to spend some time entertaining her. Once he takes her for bath time, though, I can't help but peek in at them.  

Bathtimes with Daddy are sacred, I'm telling you! There's singing, splish splashing, and some fighting over the washcloth. I'll be so sad when she's too big for all of this.

Penny and I have traversed Portland with the stroller again this month. Penny loves the changing leaves, and now that the kids are back in school, she likes watching them on the playground, running toward the building when the whistle blows. Someday you'll join them, PJ! (She's wearing her Cascade, perhaps one of her most used hand knits to date!)

Her favorite objects right now, by far, are things that emit light. She's in a relationship with the internet router, loves the baby monitor, and is smitten with the bedside digital alarm clock. Most of all, she loves "Photobooth" on our laptop. It gets even more fun when we turn on the effects...

Penny is still rolling around the floor, now working on her crawling, and still has no patience to sit still, though I know she can do it!  I have a feeling in the next month she won't need to direct me as to where she wants to go. She'll get there herself, and I'll be catching up. 

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