Friday, February 8, 2013

California Dreamin' (On Such A Winter's Day)

Los Angeles was so much fun! Penny got all hyped up on image and tried being a blonde, but luckily decided it just didn't suit her.

We stayed in Westwood, near UCLA.  Oh, college, how I miss you!  I actually heard a conversation between three young women discussing Marx and Engels and I got so sentimental for the Gallatin days...

We found no less than three UCLA college cafeterias. You can imagine my disappointment when we had already eaten lunch. My passion for cafeteria eating knows no boundaries. Colleges and hospitals are at the top of the list. So we sat in the grass and had a pretend picnic in the sunshine.

We took the bus a lot. Some of the rides were worse than bad plane flights. Others were downright fun! More than anything we waited for the bus a lot.

We visited Santa Monica.  It had been a while (since back when I was pregnant) since we'd been there.  We walked the pier with friends who came to town with us.  We ate at an English-style pub.  Penny absolutely loved their toast.

She walked, well she rode, the red carpet for a premier.  Kidding!  She just passed through, winking at all the celebs.

While the Hollywood Elite dined at our hotel's posh restaurant, Penny examined the landscaping to see if it was up to her Northwest standards.  Luckily, it was!

So she retired, poolside, for a long drink from her sippy cup, to absorb the Vitamin D while she could.

Thank you, California, for a lovely time.  We hope to see you again, soon!

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