Thursday, February 7, 2013

We're Back!

And you didn't even know we were gone, did you?  We spent five nights in Los Angeles.  Mr. Jones attended some award ceremonies and Miss Jones and I hung out near the pool at our swank hotel.  It was 77 degrees for the first three days!  Here is Penny, slightly overdressed, in my paranoia of getting her over her cold.

Oh California, usually I have a love/hate relationship with you, but this time it was certainly more love than hate.  There are more photos to come, once I emerge from the piles of laundry in which I am currently drowning.  
What I loved about L.A. (this time):
* Heat (in February)
* Palm trees (they always make you feel like you're on vacation, right?)
* A big, big city by the sea, with a million different races of people.
* Belligerent bus drivers (how I've missed you!) who tell you to COLLAPSE THAT STROLLER.
* Ice Blend No Sugar Added Mocha from The Coffee Bean.  You are the BOMB.  You put the Frappuccino to shame.

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