Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Scream

This is my favorite photo of Penelope Jones to date, and it pretty much sums up how things have been going around here. Penny and her dad have been ill again. It just seems like an endless winter of sickness. I'm...just...so...tired. No one has slept well for so, so many weeks. I'm not sure what's more exhausting, dealing with the illness, or being the entertainment committee when the mood is super cranky.

On the brighter side, when Penny is able to nap, mostly in the car, I am able to knit. I've finished knitting a couple of projects, and just have to take them to the finish line. This is proving harder than usual, but I will get them done, I promise myself. I just need to get a babysitter for a couple more hours... Anyone like wiping noses and changing diapers? :)

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Sarah Lamont said...

This is a great photo.