Monday, March 4, 2013

Conceived for the Cold, Knit in the Sun

We're finally getting back on track around here.  There is still coughing and constant sleep interruptions, but maybe half the days of the week I feel like I can get on with something other than care taking.  Today is one of those days...hooray!  I have a few things to show you, too, so it's nice to be back in this space.

While in L.A., Penny did some nice napping, and I was able to hide in the separate bedroom, soak up the premium cable, and knit knit knit.  This is what became of it, though it took me quite a while to finish.  It's a fair isle cardigan from a vintage booklet I picked up at an estate sale years ago now.  The only change I made was to add some fair isle patterning to the sleeves. Do you love that I'm in the dark, knitting wool cardigans in the California sunshine?  I even took my knitting poolside one day, to many strange looks.

I made size 2-3, since she seems to have a good amount of handmade sweaters currently, but not so many for the future (Ravelry link here).  It's made of one of my all-time favorite yarns, bought at the yarn shoppe where I worked in London when we were back in England for a visit.  Then there was a crisis as I didn't have enough of the lighter color.  Luckily, I found a yarn shop here in Portland that carries it! Now I'm dreaming of the next 10 projects I'll make with it.

I think Penny will like this sweater. Hopefully by age three she might have a bit more hair on her head, therefore making people might mistake her for a boy a bit less? Every single day we hear, "He's cute!' and I guess it's my fault, for dressing her occasionally in blue.  Mr. Jones, who enjoys sporting a vintage ski sweater these days, is quite jealous of this one.

Maybe If we stay in enough posh hotels in the future, I'll have the time to make him one!

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Ruby Hoppen said...

Oh this is the sweetest thing! Beautiful colours. Don't you love having time to knit/sew/relax when naps happen? We have always had the opposite thing with Casper, as he has a lot of hair, he always gets called a girl, even by people who have met him before! It may also be the occasional pink or red and overalls I suppose!