Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Here Comes Penny Boo Boo

A funny thing happened recently.  My friend Tiffany, a stylist for local Portland photo shoots, called me last month and told me they needed Penny for a shoot, and would I be interested in having her model?  There was a catch: she'd have to be a boy.  See, the boy they had booked for the cover of the Fred Meyer (local grocery store)'s sale flyer was under the weather, and they needed an understudy.  "Sure! Penny gets mistaken for a boy every day!  And I will HAVE THIS for her baby book!" I exclaimed.  See how hungry I am for something new to fill our days?  So off we went to deepest Milwaukee, Oregon, to model.

Penny put on the boy outfit and smiled away.  Then she put on the girl outfit, and smiled again.  Then she got bored, and started crawling off the plinth.  They were excited to see her crawl.  "We need a crawler for that cupcake shot!" So we changed outfits again, and reset Penny to crawl away from the camera. 

And just like that, I became a stage mother of the scariest variety. 

She didn't make the cover, but her cute little bum got into the Sunday paper a few weeks ago. I've been joking that she was able to pay for her own diapers this month.  The outfit, totally hideous, said "Mom's Little Cupcake" on the front. Judging from the middle photo, Mom needs a lot less cupcakes (or adrenaline) when an opportunity to pass the time on a dreary afternoon arises. Surely our reality show is coming right up.


FoFo said...

Too Cute!!!

sewmuchfun4 said...

Thanks for the laugh! You look TOTALLY STOKED and yes, for the first time, just a little scary. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the pics. How fun to have her in that flyer!! You do look a bit manic I must say!!! Pat