Thursday, March 7, 2013

Penny at 11 months

Penelope Jones turned 11 months old last week. We are hurdling toward the year mark, and this little person is such a, well, person already.  She has strong likes and dislikes and she's not afraid to tell you what they are at any given time.  Still popular are lights of any kind.

Penny and I spend so much time at home together. We go through the same bin of toys every single day, and she still seems to find something new and interesting in there. For that, I'm thankful! 

While I clean up the dinner dishes, the adventure of bathtime commences. This month Penny likes to throw her toys over the edge of her smaller tub and stand up, bend over, and retrieve them from the big tub. "Sit down, please," is repeated over and over by her Daddy, though we do love that she's made up her own game in there.

She's doing a million more cute things. She likes pillows and enjoys biting stuffed animals' noses, and puts her head down on them when she's tired. She'll do it in our laps, too. She's gotten more ticklish: on the bottoms of her feet, the backs of her knees, under her chin. I know all the spots to turn her mood around :)

She's also started eating so many more complex foods! In keeping with her Greek name, she likes spanakopita and moussaka. She's eaten quiche and curry and beans on toast. In L.A., she even chomped on sushi for the first time!

Penny loves doing what we're doing.  She brushes her teeth, enjoys watching me cook dinner, loves folding clothes when they come out of the wash (or you know, just picking the clothes out of the basket).  

Perhaps the cutest thing this month has been her love for music. When the talk radio turns to music she bops her head and bounces up and down. If you sing her a song she's delighted and claps at the end, every single time.

When you tell people she's 11 months old, they say "Almost one year!". But let's enjoy this last month of babyhood before she's officially a toddler, and walking and talking are in our near future. We love baby Penny, and we are sorry to see the small version of her slowly but surely disappear. Don't worry, we're happy to greet the big girl, too!

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