Friday, April 26, 2013

Penny and the Cat

One sunny day, Penny met Bruce the Cat, who lives next door. Penny got very excited. I got very concerned.

We practiced petting Bruce gently but she (Bruce is a girl cat, ahem) didn't really think Penny got the concept.  She quickly trotted off.

Penny, did you make the cat run away?

Soon Penny was chasing Bruce, making the same shapes as the cat while crawling after her.

She finally caught up with Bruce and we finally caught up with Penny, before she could say "hi" to him for in her special way ;).

Sadly, a few days later Bruce passed away.  She was over 14 years old, and a lovely old soul.  The neighbors now have a new cat named Gidget, who is much too fast for Penny, though Penny is getting faster every day, and is sure to catch up soon!

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