Friday, May 10, 2013

Penny's Playdate

I made Penny a Playdate Dress, a great pattern from Oliver + S that I made so long ago for some dresses for our nieces.  I used linen for the yoke, and Liberty tawna lawn for the body, from a stash I have from our days in London (I have a secret source, where I buy it at a deep discount - yippee!)

The dress was a bit of a struggle to get on her, as her head is just so big (it's always been above the 95th percentile on the charts) and would barely fit through the yoke!  Once it was on though, she sure looked cute.

She wore it to dance in the streets on a warm Spring evening.

And for an impromptu playdate with the neighbor's new cat.

Penny's perfect playdate.

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