Monday, July 8, 2013

A Week With The Grands

The Joneses came to town!  All the way from England, they flew to see Penelope Jones (and us, of course).  It was a week of gorgeous sunshine, blooming roses, park visits, and tons of playtime as Penny's daddy was home from work for a week, too. Here are some highlights from the family bonding time:

Straw Hat Family!  Oh, if only Penny would wear one :/

We're still enjoying Penny's open-mouthed nose kisses:

Reminds me of this book, which I keep meaning to buy for her:

Today is the first day where it's just me and Penny again, and she's looking at me like, "Wait, where are the hand claps for my every movement?" :).  I'll do my best, baby.  Also, take a look at how much she's grown since the last time the Joneses were here in Portland!  Astonishing.

Up next: The Fourth of July!

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