Friday, June 28, 2013

You're the Tops

Estate Sale: two words that can make my heart beat fast, and get me in the car to go to unknown parts of town as often as I can.  When I got a tip-off from my smocking club comrades (yes, I have these) that there was an estate sale with tons of craft supplies (TONS, the email said), I was sure to stop by.  Thank goodness I got there in the last hour of the last day, when everything was half off, and there wasn't as much as there had been! I still came home with too much, including a bag of vintage fabric scraps perfect for making toddler clothes.  I made these two shirts immediately:

The pattern is from a book I've had for a while, part of my Japanese collection:

Penelope has been wearing them on Summertime adventures around town, doing her thing and, I dare say, collecting compliments along the way. 

The most comment thing I hear is, "I think I used to have a shirt like that! The print looks so familiar."  I tell them they could have!  It's this sentimental affection that I just love about anything vintage. 

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james mcewen said...

My favourite post. Smocking reference, vintage clothes shopping (cutting out the thrift store middle man and going straight to the wholesaler, smart), beautiful pictures of Penny, and not a picture of Jonah in sight. Vintage Klein.

Hope you are having a great summer.

James Mc x