Friday, August 30, 2013


We went to the amusement park here in Portland, only because it was Mr. Jones' (and my former) company's "day" there. We knew there were only a couple rides Penny would be allowed to go on (she only went on one, of the two). Instead, she enjoyed eating curly fries and finding acorns under the trees, looking at the rides and the doggies and the people, and waving to absolutely everyone, saying "hi", over and over again.  

She had her first snow cone! It was lousy and tasteless, but Penny liked crunching the ice...

Until she insisted on holding the cone herself, and soon the party was over.

We sing songs about trains but I don't think she's ever seen one. And here it was, a train her own size:

So we went on a ride! We sat behind our friends Brian and Luke. 

Luke is so cute, and also the blonde child of two dark-haired parents ;). Penny liked to touch the back of Luke's head. It reminded me of kids on the school bus, many years older.

It was such a nice day, milling around and casually seeing friends. For a day at the  amusement park, Penny was truly amused.

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