Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013

Sorry for the silence. My mom came to visit for 11 days! Penny got a cold, then my mom got sick, and we had a superstorm.  I started a new job at my old workplace.  It's been pretty hectic around here. Anyway, we were able to get outside the second weekend of the visit to the pumpkin patch where we go at least once a year. The picking was a bit too far away, so we picked one or two pumpkins out of the farmstand, and instead enjoyed the grounds, where we played and played. Here's the evidence:


Penny has really taken to trees, even when there are much bigger kids playing in them above her head. Little ones can climb up there, too, you know (at least with the help of their daddies).

Penny's first corn on the cob! Which she licked for a while, without really tasting it. Then she picked off a few kernels, which she enjoyed doing more than chewing. Food is play, right? Eating is incidental ;). 

Thanks for a lovely visit, Mom!
And let's not leave this post without a link to last year's trip to the patch.  Oh, how this one is growing up!

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