Thursday, November 7, 2013

Not What You're Expecting

It started with Penny's hair.  Last year she didn't have any, so we dressed her up as Sinead O'Connor and she went to a party at a baby group for new moms that we used to attend.  This year she's grown almost enough hair to comb, in the perfect Mia Farrow pixie cut. She also hates hats or hoods, so we knew most animal costumes would not be tolerated. I made her nightgown from this pattern (I sewed size 3, and added longer sleeves with elasticized cuffs) and off she went as Rosemary from one of my favorite horror films ever.

Penny's daycare is housed in a local church. I joined her class, along with a few other parents, for some trick or treating in the church offices before we hit the streets for some local businesses (the cupcake shop, the theater group) in the downtown Portland. We were a bit nervous that they might have a problem with her antichrist-themed costume, but she got a lot of treats and a more than a few chuckles along the way. 

My favorite part was that the parents gave out the treats to the employees to give back to the children. The whole thing was a fix! Penny had no idea what was going on, but that made it all the more fun. She discovered gummy fruit juice snacks, and was happy to carry on if she had one in her hand.

Daddy made the devil baby doll, and didn't he do a stellar job! He painted it, attached the horns, and made the eyes light up. Everyone wanted to know where we got it.  Penny called him Elmo, and was instantly smitten.

Speaking of muppets, I was battling a cold when it was pumpkin carving time so Mr. Jones took over this year's duties. Another big moment for the toddler...Ernie pumpkin!

The few Trick or Treaters we got this year liked it, too. Mr. Jones closed the door from handing out some candy to announce, "They're instagramming my pumpkin!" Now there's an endorsement for good design.

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Hena Tayeb said...

omg that demon baby is so creepy..
but I love the pumpkin!