Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Blondes Have More Fun

At 21 months old, Penelope Jones sure is busy these days. She plays so many games imitating the activities we do for her. Better yet, she makes art every single day, either at school or at home. She has an incredible attention span for different mediums, and it's so much fun to watch her. Here's what she's been up to lately.

Paint! Penny began pairing on paper, then started painting her own desk, top to bottom. She also loves painting her arms, which she stamps onto paper (followed by an epic session of washing her hands - "Mama, BUBBLES!"). Penny still prefers getting clean to getting messy. 

Cook! Penny loves feeding us all (blocks?) and setting up elaborate tea parties where all her babies are all served tea from different containers. We've thought about getting her a play kitchen, but she seems to love using the cord to the blinds as her "tap". Works for us!

Sculpt! Penny loves clay. She loves the tools, and the water, and the wet clay itself. The clay room at the children's museum is always good for 20 minutes, minimum. We're looking forward to the day we can take advantage of their service of firing your artwork so you can take it home a week later. My house will be FULL.

Diaper! We're working on potty training, so there's always a lot of drama going on with her dolls and animals, their diapers, and the potty.  Everyone seems to be in training! I like how she diapers their heads mostly, and finds it most exciting to find Elmo on her baby sister's tiny diapers.

I know, the video is too long, but you have to admire the determination! We love watching Penny figure things out. I wish we could all still learn new things by still having so much fun with play.

And when it all get's too much, you just have to get to the park and swing...

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