Monday, January 20, 2014

Lulu at One Month

And just like that, Lucille Jones is one month old.  It's been such a fast month! It's surprised me in so many ways.

Overall, this baby has been a piece of cake. She nurses and she sleeps, and when people used to say that their babies did this (and not much of anything else) I never believed them and now I do. It could all change tomorrow, as Mr. Jones likes to tell me, but so far we are all good

Big Sister Penny talks about "my baby" constantly. Sometimes she means her stuffed rabbits. Sometimes she means the orange balloon she's been carrying around since her friend's birthday party last weekend. Sometimes, she means Lulu. Whatever the case, she's taken to the baby pretty well, overall. She insists on kissing her head constantly throughout the day.

My heart soars when Penny does this. Whoosh!

Baby Lulu gives the sweetest smiles. We clock so many hours together, night and day. I know we spend less hours staring at her than we did with Penny. When I find the time to dote on her, however, I am smitten.

She's just darling.

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