Wednesday, January 29, 2014

To All The Things I've Knit Before...

I love to knit and sew baby clothes and before I had babies of my own, I loved making things for my friend's kids.   I made this dress years ago for my friend's daughter, and I loved how it came out.

It's from this vintage pattern book, one I'll use over and over again (Ravelry details HERE):

Unfortunately, the dress wasn't worn much by its recipient. I was told that by the time it fit her, the moths had gotten to it first. It's hard, because over the years I've been told a lot of things like this (like 'I loved it, but it wasn't pink enough for her') and the comments always break my heart. I guess I'd just rather not know that the clothes I make go unworn.

Now that I have Penny and Lulu, I'm revisiting a lot of my favorite patterns again. I seem to have found the time to knit during the many hours of nursing we're doing, and these patterns are ideal because they're somewhat familiar and my concentration comes and goes in my exhaustion. I'm sure I'll encounter my own difficulties with the pickiness of what my girls want to wear. At least I'll have a few things in my arsenal to bring out when they don't like anything else.


FoFo said...

I feel your pain, I have had the same thing happen to me. I'm glad that you now have a child of your own to knit for. Makes it that much more rewarding.

Sarah Lamont said...

I have always waited with much anticipation at what will be coming our way as birthdays roll by. Your knits are amazing and i will forever be in awe. Baby number 2 will most definitely be wearing the Klein hand me downs. Get them in with Penny before she starts to have an opinion!