Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Spring Staycation

After a few months of Mr. Jones working 11 hour days, he had a week off.  We had a Staycation! We spent tons of time together and really bonded as a family. Here's a few things we did.

We hit up the Portland parks HARD. The weather generally cooperated, and we all enjoyed getting a bit more sunlight.

Penny even found a friend in the park who loved choo-choos as much as she does.

We went to Storytime at our local library. This is the same Storytime that Penny and I used to go to when she was a baby. Now we're in the older group!

And when we needed to stay close to home, we got out the slide and bubbles in the front yard.

Speaking of home, the biggest thing we did on our Staycation was to purchase a house. Yes, friends, we BOUGHT.A.HOME. This family is moving out of rentals for the first time ever. It will be a chance to really be creative with our living space, with so many perks: our own yard, a place to garden, a dishwasher! Plus, the room we need to spread out just a bit more. I've been pointing at my children and husband one at a time, doing my best Oprah impression, exclaiming, "YOU get a closet, YOU get a closet, YOU get a closet". It's going to be a grand adventure. We can't wait. 

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