Thursday, April 3, 2014

Penny at Two Years

Penny Jones turned 2 on Saturday. Unlike last year, the weather was awful. The pouring rain soaked everything outside. So we had the choo choo themed party inside our tiny apartment.  It was packed, and so much fun! It reminded me of parties I would host during college in my tiny New York apartment. Penny had no idea what hit her.  Here she is after her nap, awaiting the guests in her homemade birthday dress.


Friends of all ages attended. This is Elise. She's about 2 months older than Penny and her mom and I met in a mommy group when they were just newborns! It's been so lovely to see her, and so many of her peers, grow and change so much.

There were children bouncing off the furniture and crashing to the floor, playing with Penny's toys and reading her books. Penny kept pulling my arm toward her bedroom. She just wanted some time alone with her mama and her brand new choo choo shed (above).

I finally coerced her to come out and sit at the table where we brought out the cake. Penny jumped into my arms. I think all the attention made her nervous. 


When she saw it was chocolate, she relaxed pretty quickly.

She held up her favorite choo choo at the head of the table while we served cake.

Penny enjoyed both the cake and a cupcake at her own pace. This girl really loves chocolate.

Hours later, when the last guests had left, she put on her rain boots and splashed in some puddles between showers. 

And with that, we now stop counting the months of her age and start counting the years. I've had two whole years of being a mom to this sensitive, strong, loving, hilarious baby girl. The baby is almost gone. Her sister holds that title now! But Penny will always be my baby. She tells me I'm her mama 100 times a day and I couldn't be more proud.

Happy Birthday, Penelope Jones! You are the best.

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Amy said...

That dress is so cute! Looks like a great party and some day you will have the pleasure telling all about the party as she looks at the pictures.