Friday, April 11, 2014

People I Love in Things I've Made

Seeing Penny in her birthday dress made me think of all the things I've made recently for loved ones around me. They've been in heavy rotation, as the weather changes and so many different kinds of clothes are needed. Here's a roundup!

Penny in her Spring trousers (she's tall enough now that we don't even cuff them anymore!).

Lulu in her knitted pants (made at the same time as her sister's). How I love these. What baby couldn't use a pair?

Our friends Frank and Peg in their bear hats.

Penny in yet another pair of quick change trousers (made previously here and here and here). These have been invaluable in being reversible. One side is now permanently stained, but they are still useable!

Penny and Lulu in their Big Top Animal Hats. I've developed these hats in three different kinds of animals. I hope to release the knitting pattern very soon!

There has been a big shift around here, as I've started a new (wonderful) part-time job! I'm still hoping to find the time to make things for the people I love. There's a great need, as I know no less than 5 ladies who are expecting babies in the next year. One is even expecting twins! No need to quit making handmade baby things now :).

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