Saturday, May 24, 2014

Grandparents & Our House

We've been so busy around here! But in the best of ways. Penny and Lulu's grandparents were here from England, and we had a lovely week of gorgeous weather and family bonding.

We also got the keys to our new house! We're packing and moving in this week. We're so excited.

A lovely house with so much more room, and a great backyard that the girls already love!

We love you, Nanny and Grandad. We're so glad you could spend this special time, of getting the keys to our first house. Next time anyone visits, they're staying with US! :)


Amy said...

Exciting news on the house! Congratulations on this new adventure, houses are lovely and a lot of work.

John said...

Lovely photos!

Normand Redden said...

You have a very memorable house moving experience with a wonderful visit from your children’s grandparents. They are so lucky that their grandparents are strong, and are still able to play with them. I can feel how much they love their grandchildren. You have a very beautiful family, Holly! Thanks for sharing that! All the best!

Normand Redden @ The Perfect Home Care