Monday, June 9, 2014

Lulu at 5 Months

Recently, Lucille Jones turned 5 months old. With that, came a huge amount of awareness. She looks at everything, reaches out to touch it all, and takes it all in.

It's been such a busy time around here, with babysitters and visitors and buying our first home. Lulu has been dreamy through it all. It only takes a smile her way, to get a smile back. 

The weather is finally getting warmer and Lulu is loving the fresh air. She's on blankets outside, surrounded by her toys, almost constantly. She is so content.

Her favorite thing of all is her sister, Penny. She never, ever, takes her eyes off of her, and in month 5 she started giggling at so much of what Penny does. Lulu loves words like "hop" and "pop". When Penny says them, and jumps or moves suddenly, Lulu's giggles are contagious.

She's still a pretty small baby, and we're still trying to sleep more than a couple of hours at time. But how can you stay frustrated when you see this little face ready to greet the day each morning? We love you, Lulu. You're almost half a year old, already!

P.P.S. Lulu wears her Western Woodland Vest all the time!

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