Thursday, January 10, 2013

Western Woodland Vest

This vest was so simple to make, but it took much longer than expected!  Luckily, there was some time to knit as I sat in the hotel room with a sleeping baby, in Hawaii. It's my second knit from this book (the first being her Christmast Dress). I had a skein of yarn left over from this sweater (which Penny now wears daily) and I knew the pattern would be perfect. (Ravelry link here).

The stitch pattern is called "faux brioche" and it was so pretty! It's very voluminous, and will certainly give her a nice warm layer as she crawls around, well, everywhere these days.

We're in the wet season now in Portland, where the moss is iridescent and every pavement is moist. Some days have been so mild and others cold, with a whipping wind.

With no colors to coordinate, I'll be putting this vest on Penny a lot, I know it already. It will come in handy for walks in the woods (which we almost never take) or brisk ones downtown (which we take often), and hopefully see her through to Spring. Spring!  Let's say it again.

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