Friday, June 20, 2014

The Start of a Beautiful Relationship (Please?)

We make no secret of the fact that we had these babies 20 months apart with many hopes. One was that we would see them through diapers and crazy sleep patterns (the latter being our phase, too) at similar times. I'm also not getting any younger (ahem). More importantly, however, was that we hoped by having them close in age that they might be close friends. I guess you can only try your best to foster a close relationship between siblings, and see what happens. 

Lately though, Lulu has really been fascinated by her sister, and Penny certainly loves Lulu. When Lulu is sleeping in another room, Penny will have a sudden attack. "Where's WuWu?" she'll shout, with her hands in a questioning position. When Lulu and I pick Penny up from daycare and the other kids come to see the baby, Penny always stands next to her car seat shouting, "MY WUWU!". The other day at the park, I was able to capture what seems like times of real conversation between the two of them. It's amazing to see a relationship between my two girls begin.

Nothing builds relationships like snacking together:

Then we went to the swings. After everything Penny does at the park, she shouts, "WuWu's turn!". Usually, I tell her that Lulu is too little for ladders and slides and balance beams. This time was different. Lulu was able to join her on the swings for the very first time! She loved it so much, and Penny loved watching her.

Then we sat down on the grass again and I told Penny that Lulu wanted to sit down in front of her. Sometimes Lulu touching Penny isn't really welcome, but this time Penny thought it was hilarious! She even gave her sister a kiss.

I'm sure they have a future, like any siblings, of fighting over shared toys and parental attention. It just really encourages us that at such young ages they acknowledge each other, feel good about one another, dare I say love each other? We will continue to hope it's the start of a long and close friendship.

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