Monday, June 30, 2014

Lulu at 6 Months

Well, everyone has been saying it, and I finally believe it to be true. Lulu looks JUST LIKE Penny at 6 months. It's pretty amazing. I don't think I believed it because Lulu is such a different personality that I don't see them as similar at all.

This baby is so smiley and giggly that when she does anything but grin, it shocks us.

She looks at everything, taking it all in. She fights sleep so she can watch everyone. When someone speaks to her, she flashes her open-mouthed grin and it melts them. "Well, Hello Smiley!". I must hear that ten times a day.

At six months, Lulu is sitting up! From her new vantage point, the world seems to make a bit more sense. She can see long distances to check out her sister and parents or a bird or tree, waving in the wind. She's so happy on a blanket in the middle of the action.

Lulu is also moving so much that I think crawling is in our not too distant future! She's a mover, just like her sister was at this age. I think she would get up and run after Penny if she could. We'll take a couple more months of sitting, though, Lulu. It's so sweet to have you by our side. We love you so much.

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