Monday, July 7, 2014


The Fourth of July offered me the opportunity to dress my children up in garish outfits. You might remember this tradition from last year, when the in-laws were in town. I kept it up merely because I thrifted their dresses, on separate occasions, months ago. And what day doesn't go well when it's started with red, white and blue homemade waffles for the entire family? 

This year was our first Independence Day in our newly purchased house. We found a flag in the basement, left to us by the previous owners, so up it went...

My Jones, Resident Alien (if that isn't true...), clutched his half American offspring proudly.

The neighbors told us that each year the children hold their own parade, decorating their bikes and riding and walking down the street with their parents. But we couldn't find the parade! Online research came up with nothing, so we headed to the parks, as usual.

Then we retired to the back yard for a picnic lunch. I set up the camera's self-timer, and Penny loved pressing the button and running back to sit on our laps. I don't think she understood what was really happening, but she could feel the suspense. Later in the day, we went to a bbq with some of my oldest friends and their children. 

It was also great to get some photos of the four of us. Yesterday was Mr. Jones and my third wedding anniversary. We were married in 2011, had a baby in 2012, had another in 2013, and bought a house in 2014. Life is sweet. What could be next?

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