Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bring The Happy

My grandmother's sister Betty was an avid crocheter. She made blanket after blanket that she would show off to us when we would see her at holidays and other family get-togethers. This was when I was young, before I could knit or crochet, or tell the difference between the two. Now, 30+ years later, I am taking up crochet myself. I've finally found what I like to crochet! Things for the home, whether they be mine, or someone else's. My first project was a bread warmer, which I plan to give as a gift. This is Junior, the cloud pillow, my second ever crochet project. I think he really brings the happy. He's going to a friend who I think will really enjoy him.

The pattern is from the book "Amigurumi at Home", a book I've fallen in love with. There's so many cute things to make! And this amazing rainbow blanket? My coworker Heidi made it (pattern here and details here) and I'm doing a complete duplicate of it right now to give to my friend when her twins are born. I might make a little cloud pillow, as a toy, to go with it!

Because both of these will be gifts, I'm not letting my girls catch sight of them. They'll want blankets and clouds for themselves, immediately. I showed Penny a picture from the cloud crochet pattern and she was grinning. She gave her sign of approval with a shout of "Baby!", a name she calls everything she loves (excluding her sister, who is only known by her name, WooWoo).

I am dreaming of crocheting so much more. I'm thinking I might start to make things now for the girls' rooms when they have twin beds - it won't be long, I guess! I should start quilts, and crochet throws, and make a few more cloud pillows for them: one in white with a smile, and one in gray with a frown would be cute. I don't know why these juvenile objects constantly inspire me. Maybe it's because they really do put a big smile on my face, as I embroider a smile on theirs :).