Friday, August 8, 2014

Thirty Nine

I turned 39 on Monday. I didn't feel well on my actual birthday, but last weekend we celebrated with a meal out (and not just IHOP, but IHOP, too) and some extra times in Portland parks. This visit to Mt. Tabor was especially sweet. Sometimes you get to a park and the evening is so crisp, and the kids are giddy, and everyone just seems so happy as the massive trees tower above you. It's just a great time. 

Mr. Jones was busy helping both of his girls with the walking, on different terrains.

We especially love how Penny gets to a new playground and surveys the territory. She always requests the swings first, and has a look at all the other options, deciding what she'll do first. Then she really gets busy.

Lulu could stay on the swings all night if her big sister would let us push her (and she won't, for long).

Penny's lost all her nerve on the slides. Remember her brave days? Now one of us always has to accompany her. It would be slightly embarrassing - we're usually the only parents trying to fit on these baby slides - except we enjoy it, in a way....

Once she's tried the slides and the swings and the merry-go-round, and hung on the monkey bars and climbed the fake rock wall, there's always a moment of calm where she always just picks around in the grass, collecting pinecones and bringing over leaves and sticks. This part of the park trips is always my favorite.

It was certainly a low key birthday this year, but that doesn't mean it wasn't fun. Time with these three outside is always really special. Next year is the big one! What will I do? Everyone is asking.

We have no plans, but I've already taught Penny how to say "Hawaii":).

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