Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Entertainer

On a hot August afternoon, we headed down to the amusement park. We knew from last time we had been there that there wouldn't be many rides the kids could go on, but it's a fun place to hang out anyway, and Penny would surely love the train. After she rode it, we had some fries on the grass and then tried the carousel. Penny seemed interested.
She waited patiently (and gosh, this really isn't her strong suit these days) for the other kids to finish.
Then she tried out two or three of the animals with her daddy, before the ride even started. Do you remember doing this - racing around the platform making sure you got just the right animal? In the end, it all proved a bit too frightening, and Mr. Jones took her to the bench for her first carousel ride. As you can see from her face, it was exciting enough...
There's also a beach to the river near the park! We walked down, thinking we could relax and enjoy some time on the sand, but with no interest from the girls we headed back to the rides.

Lulu Jones hated the place. It was just too loud and stimulating for her. She gripped at my arm the entire time, and shook when we got too close to the rides.  Poor Lulu.
Then the funniest thing happened when we thought it was time to leave. Penny found a stage where a Native American performance had just wrapped up. Other children were running on the stage, so Penny climbed up and to our surprise, started performing! She did a tap dance and started singing into the mic.

The kids did intermittent concerts at her previous daycare, so being in front of people wasn't completely foreign, but she seemed to get real enjoyment from performing. Who would have thought?!

Back at home, she seems less interested in watching herself perform, than seeing herself fall down in this clip. She requests to watch it and laughs hysterically, every night before bed. 

What a diva ;)!

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