Friday, November 21, 2014

Made, Given, Worn...For Fall!

I've made some things for some of us lately: a hat for the older one, a cowl for me, and some pants for the baby. We've been wearing them a lot! Penny's (free) hat pattern is here, my (free) cowl pattern is here, and Lulu's pants were made from Simplicity 1566, which I had left over from making their Halloween costumes. I was sent the cute Cath Kidston puppy fabric from England (thanks, Trish!).

The funniest thing is that it's really confused Penny. The teachers at school tell me that she picks things up, toys and whatnot, and tells them "Mommy made this". She won't believe them when they tell her I didn't. It feels like a big compliment, but not bigger than the joy I feel when she wears what I make, and really loves it.

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