Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Lulu at 11 Months

I don't have many photos of Lucille Jones that I haven't already posted, but I didn't want her eleventh month to go by, unnoticed. I can see now that we're leaving the baby, and the toddler is emerging each day. Not just in the way she stands up and lurches toward her first step, not only in the sounds that I can see will become infused with concrete meaning, but in her attitude and her independence, in her defiance of always doing what we want her to do. Lulu's life is starting to become her own. She's making choices. She's communicating. She tells us many more things than even one month ago.

Still the sweetest baby and the worst sleeper, always social and curious and happy, Lulu is never shy. At daycare she's a climber, a slider and a daredevil, witnessed by her sister who often yells, "No, Woowoo, wait!". Lulu is not waiting.

She's totally affectionate without being extremely attached. She greets no situation with fear. These are all opposites to her sister, and in that way the last eleven months has been a totally new experience in parenting. Lulu loves us, and gives us the most grateful smile before she places her head on our chests while we carry her about. Still, there's no one she loves more than Penny. She cranes to watch her, claps to her sister's songs, attempts to play with all of her toys,, and waves at the window when Penny goes out, headed for places suited only for toddlers. In no time, Lulu will be running alongside her, but that won't be until the last little bit of the baby is gone. We still have a last little bit, and I'm glad.

PS. Penny at 11 Months

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