Thursday, March 26, 2015

Rainbows, Bobbles, and Buttons

Penny Jones is turning 3 this weekend, and her birthday dress (in rainbows, to match her party) is ready to go.
It's an Apple Picking Dress, from Oliver & S. I did the version with long sleeves and only one gathered skirt layer. I changed the pattern to have a larger placket on both sides, to support one larger row of buttons instead of two. I added purple piping, too. She's seen her dress, and loves it. After saying "My birthday is in March" for the past 3 months, and now, "My birthday is SOON", she's still not sure when it is. I love this age.
I couldn't leave out her little sister. So I made Lulu a Bobble Yoke Sweater and used rainbow yarn, chopping and changing it as I needed, to make a the yoke the rainbow I needed (Ravelry link here, for more details).

 I'm sure both garments will last only one day, encrusted with chocolate cake and grass stains from the garden party. But who could mind? This is the happiest dress and sweater, for two girls that are almost always happy.

I'm looking forward to Penny's birthday almost as much as she is!


Sarah Lamont said...

i love the rainbow fabric, where is it from?

Unfurled said...

It's Rainbows and Unicorns from Riley Blake, bought at Fabric Depot. Here's a link!