Monday, March 23, 2015


It's been raining and sunny both, but so mild. Sometimes the sky is pink and purple and blue, and we stare at it from inside, and take a photo to remember.

We have been getting the garden ready for when it's even warmer (and for an upcoming 3rd birthday!). We scoop rocks into buckets, pull leaves from the shrubbery, and take note of the different colored flowers popping through the soil. They make garden boxes with daddy, and are held by him to get a better view.

When it rains, we find our fun inside. Unless, of course, your best friend comes over and you happen to have matching rain suits (thanks, Judy!) since your sister can't fit into hers quite yet. And your best friend wants to go to the park and play, even though it's raining. Then, of course, you go. And you talk about it for weeks afterward.

Things are really getting fun around here. Happy Spring!

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