Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Penny got her first haircut! She was a bald baby (and toddler) and hasn't needed one up until now, but she came home from preschool saying, "I want to go for a haircut". I knew we wouldn't do well with appointments, so we dropped in at a salon called "Jan and..." (seriously that's what it's called. Mr. Jones joked that there's not much job security there if you're not Jan) and Jan herself was happy to oblige! An iphone was all we had to capture the moment. That, and the lock of hair that Jan gave me for the baby book I plan to make (sometime in 2018, when I have time).

It came out looking really sweet. In the same mall as "Jan and..." is a huge vintage marketplace, where we browsed afterwards. Penny found a cowgirl hat that seemed to suit her haircut nicely.

And...Mother's Day! I got a new hat for gardening and flowers and balloons. Penny was up at 4:45 ready a "the big party" and sorely disappointed when she realized there was no cupcakes in the works. We went to IHOP, my favorite, where she took her raisin bran along with her (we're in a serious, serious raisin bran phase).

Then there's this: Penny and Lulu hold hands in the car now. They love to do it and they love to hear us squeal with delight at the sweetness of it. Inevitably, Penny lets Lulu's hand go first, to play with trinkets she keeps in her cup holder, and I can see Lulu still reaching for her. "My hands are busy now, Lulu," Penny tells her.

Just a few snippets of what's going on right now...


Sarah said...

oh that last pic is just adorable!

PegSerena said...

Omg so good