Monday, July 13, 2015

In the Berry Fields

Penny and Lulu and I went berry picking. It's something I had been wanting to do all Summer, so we finally donned our cheapy party dresses (why not?) and I took them to a farm to see what we could do, and it was great! The lovely young lady who worked at the barn told us which varieties of berries were thorn-free for little fingers, and it turned out to be a satisfying (and baby-proof) activity. Penny loved picking them, and Lulu loved following Penny - perfect!


I love Lulu's face. She tries so, so hard with everything these days, to be just like the sister she admires so much. And Penny is such a good girl that if Lulu wants to be just like her, we'd be more than thrilled.

On Saturday morning, we made a crumble from this recipe. The girls LOVED prepping it, and they were good at it, too! They measured really well, and mixed it up with their hands, and sprinkled on the topping just like when we make pizza together. I baked it during naptime and when it came out, Lulu wouldn't touch it, an Penny told me it was "scary". SIGH. Oh well, I brought it to a crafternoon with friends, and Mr. Jones and I enjoyed it. It was truly delicious. The girls did like individual berries, though, which is probably a healthier option anyway, right?

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