Thursday, July 9, 2015

Our Fourth. 2015

We had a lovely 4th of July. Did you? We went to the science museum in the morning, which was empty (how lovely!), cooked a spread for friends during naptime, and joined other friends in the park for a picnic in the evening. Perfect! We also met new neighbors, which is what this holiday is about - enjoying other people's company (and their food) and meeting a few people who you might get to know a bit better in coming years. Daddy even dressed as an American Eagle!


At the park, Penny and I watched ducks and once they swam away, I showed her how to skip rocks.

The daddies played Ring Around the Rosie:

Lulu's passion for beanbag toss was unmatched.

So much fun!

PS. Last year's 4th of July (Lulu with no hair! Ahhhh!)
PPS. Two years ago (Little Penny, in the same dress Lulu wore this year!)

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