Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Beach Weekend

We have not been to the Oregon Coast since we've had kids. Isn't that terrible? It's only a couple hours drive from Portland and just as stunning as beaches we've traveled much farther to see. This time, we rented an amazing house, invited great friends, and watched the kids enjoy every moment of two nights and three days in a brand new place called Manzanita.

I made their dresses. Lulu's is a cloud fabric with which I was going to make curtains for Penny's room, but it just didn't work out. Instead, I made this pattern, with rainbow buttons down the back and a front button tab made of a tiny scrap left over from Penny's 3rd birthday dress.  Penny's beach dress is from this pattern, same as I made their matching dresses,  The fabric is Children at Play On Parade, and nothing could be truer. My children are certainly always on parade.

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Sarah said...

I mean..
the kids are adorable, but the dresses are FANTASTIC! nice job!