Friday, August 7, 2015

Victoria Part 2: Butchart Gardens, Butterflies, Tortoises, and Flamingos!

On another day we went to Butchart Gardens. I loved it. It was spectacular. We were there when it opened and it was relatively quiet (though it seemed every single person had a selfie stick-what the..?) We thought we might not stay long, that it wouldn't be interesting to the girls, but they had a really great time. So many paths to choose! There were hidden topiary bears and owls, and when we turned one corner there was a carousel. A young lady sat at its entrance, waiting for anyone to ride. I think she was waiting just for us.

We had to try a few different animals. I'll never forget when I tried to hold Penny at the small of her back, she would whisper, "No, please don't," really quietly. She was so proud to be holding on all by herself. Lulu was a bit overwhelmed.

Down the road from Butchart some locals had told us about The Butterfly Garden, a small indoor loop where we could see so many animals, at just the girls' height. Perfect.

I sewed the girls matching Roller Skate Dresses from fabric by Heather Ross and they were cool and comfy during a fun day out.

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