Monday, August 10, 2015

Victoria Part 3: Beacon Hill Park and Fisherman's Wharf

Another great spot for kids in Victoria, B.C., where we took our summer vacation, was Beacon Hill Park. Right in the middle of it is Beacon Hill Children's Farm, run completely on donations and absolutely charming. There are goats to pet and brush, alpacas and pigs to see, bunnies and guinea pigs to watch. The girls had a wonderful time, even if they were scared of most of the animals :).

The playground in the park was pretty great, too.

In the evening, we headed to Fisherman's Wharf for Fish and Chips (which were excellent!). We sat at a long table with some local ladies and shared nice conversation. We had heard there might be sea lions to feed there, but the ladies told us that sometimes they're fed so well that they flop back into the ocean, absolutely stuffed. So we took a short walk down the pier and the girls got ice cream. Lulu, who eats almost nothing, was the happiest of all.

Then the sugar kicked in and she started acting pretty extreme. 

Then she pooped, and at the suggestion of changing her diaper, ran away.

Ice cream cones in the summertime! Always a hit.

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