Monday, May 23, 2016

Strawberries in May

Apparently, because we've had some warmer weather in weeks past, Oregon Strawberries are ripe for the u-pick! So the girls and I headed out for a morning in the mud. We picked the berries, met the farm owner (who told us we were welcome to samples), saw pigs and chickens and roosters and ladybugs, and jumped in muddy puddles. Penny and Lulu play a game where Penny picks Lulu up, and they laugh hysterically before they both fall to the ground, and laugh even harder. It is a joy to watch. Perhaps it was the tall grass field where we had the most fun, however, playing hide and seek in reeds that crested the girls' heads.


They chewed on their apples the whole way home. We almost had the whole farm to ourselves! It was a dreamy morning in the countryside, for sure.


Inder-ific said...

The matching dresses!!! Did you sew those? And the muddy shoes. Fantastic.

Unfurled said...

Thank you so much! I didn't sew these dresses. They are from Winter Water Factory.