Monday, July 11, 2016

Made Recently

When I get tired of making clothes, it always seems satisfying to grab some acrylic yarn and crochet food.  After the banana split, I had a friend's 40th birthday to attend, so I worked up a birthday cake toilet paper cozy. Because who doesn't need a way to dress up your toilet paper when you're 40? The recipient's house is pretty nice, so I like the idea of being the funny aunt, ready to decorate your classy place with my trusty crochet hook. I also made some crocheted breakfast dishcloths, which I will squirrel away for a future gift. All food is made from this book, which I got for Mother's Day and love so dearly. I have so many plans for things to make from it.

When I found my way back to the sewing machine, I made this dress for Penny, which I love with all of my heart. The greatest thing is that it's neither vintage fabric nor a vintage pattern but came out looking like something I would dream of finding at the thrift store. The fabric is called Auntie's Attic and it was on clearance at Fabric Depot. I picture all the older ladies having 70s flashbacks when they see these prints, and leaving them alone, for me. The pattern is Simplicity 1174, well worth the $1.00 I paid for it. The only change I made was to make sleeve facings from the front and back bodice pieces, as bias binding around armholes is one of my sewing pet peeves.

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Mari said...

That cake is fantastic - so cute :)