Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Across the Pond

We are back from a week in England. In Portland, we don't see much family on a weekly (or monthly) basis, so during this trip we spent hour after hour with our English side. Five girl cousins played and colored and pushed each other on swings, and gave each other kisses and hugs. We went to the chocolate factory and a theme park, but most of the time we hung out in the Jones' back yard, with visitors coming from London and Manchester and Birmingham alike, to see us. Thank you, everyone, for such a wonderful time. 


Oh, how I wish I could have taken 2 year-old Penny on this day out. Her mind would have been blown, to ride on her favorite trains all day. Instead, Lulu told me, "I like Thomas. Penny not like it. I ride on Thomas. MOVING EYES", and Penny, who can barely remember her love for Thomas, still retains knowledge of their names, "No, Lulu, that's Toby," she'd say, and Lulu would stand corrected.




Uncle Jan gives the best driving lessons, while "Dindad" assists with the ice cream consumption.


Penny fell in love with cousin Chloe.  I think we know who to call when we need a babysitter next summer, right Chloe ;)?





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