Thursday, October 6, 2016

Unicorns, Pockets, and Rainy Day Magic

I made the girls some unicorn hats, and not even for Halloween! They're for everyday wear this winter, when the dreary weather (and we've already had a lot of it) gets our mood down. Penny already loves hers, and Lulu is, as usual, unsure and a bit harder to please. The free pattern for the hat is here, my Ravelry details are here, and if you've got a multicolored stash and a young person in your life, you may want to whip one (or more) of these up. 

Speaking of unicorns, I used some unicorn fabric (it's here) and some cloud fabric left over from this dress so long ago, to make a dress from a pattern I've used a few times now. It's called Sweet and Sassy and it makes the cutest oversized pocket dress. I'm sure the girls will be filling them up with, er, treasures in the spring. I made these dresses in the next sizes up, for warmer weather.

I became so obsessed with pockets that I've made myself a dress with big ones. I just have to hem it, and I can't wait to show you. The sewing machine has been roaring lately, with winter coats and more toddler dresses waiting to be constructed. Maybe there is something good about these rainy, rainy days.

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