Monday, December 19, 2016

Lulu is 3

Lulu is three today. It's funny, with the second child, there isn't much recollection of being alone together. I guess the nature of a second child is that they aren't really alone much at all. There was a sister when she came, and daycare when I worked.  We've carved out time to be with each other throughout these years, but throughout the hours where it's been me and Lulu, she always wonders, aloud, what Penny is doing. Lulu has always worn Penny's clothes, and been friends with her friends. She's watched the shows that Penny likes, and has mostly formed the same opinions of things up until now. At three, however, Lulu is starting to form her own life. This party had some of our friends, but it also had Lulu's friends, too. The girls came from preschool who Lulu loves to play with, and she's still talking about how they came to her house, to play just with her. I think it's really exciting for all of us - this new life that we're helping her create for herself.

Teaching her how to hold up three fingers:

It's been three years since I gave birth to this little baby, so quickly and so close to Christmas. Many of our friends had left town to see family, and there were two nights I spent alone in the hospital with her, while her dad and sister slept at home. I remember singing her Christmas carols as lullabies. She was so very sweet and small.

Now she is not so quite. She laughs loudly and plays hard. She loves monkeys and trampolines and being turned upside down. She will nag you to tickle her, she'll shout "faster" at everything that moves. She will refuse everything you cook for her. She will try apple juice for the very first time because she saw her best friend drink it at the party. She'll tell you she loves you at unexpected times, and it will make your heart leap. You can say "you're a monkey!" or "you're a fish!" and she'll shake her head and say, "No I'm not, I'M LULU", in way you'll never want to forget. Age 2 was a great one for Lulu, but I have a feeling she's got big things in store for 3. Happy Birthday to you.

P.S. Lulu's dress and the party hats are here. THIS is the day Lulu was born and HERE are some pics of her very first days.

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