Monday, April 6, 2015

Penny's Rainbow Birthday Party

Penny's third birthday party was in the backyard, with everything she wanted: friends, balloons, and chocolate cake. We had a rainbow piñata (I highly recommend a pull-string piñata for the pre-school set - it was much more fun than swinging with a bat!) and a pom-pom and wooden spoon race. There was bowling, and a slide, and an art table. There were prizes and lollypops. There was a birthday dress and a sweater for her sister. There were presents. Grandma was in town! The weather was perfect, and everyone seemed relaxed.

Penny is 3. Though it seems like she's been here for a long time, it's shocking what a big girl she is. She knows so much, can do so much, is so sensitive and loving and outgoing. Outgoing! Who would have thought that the shyest toddler in the world would be so animated. She makes time to dance every day. She asks everyone she meets to play with her. She loves new clothes, the color purple, and her teddy bear, Chris, and her family, of course. Her third year was one of the most special of my life. She was more like an a incredible college roommate than someone I had to instruct. She's careful and thoughtful, agreeable and incredibly enjoyable to spend time with. We made her promise that age 3 would be as good as age 2. I know it will be, knowing Penny Jones. I'm so glad I know her. I love her to pieces. Happy 3rd Birthday, Penny!

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