Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Among the Tulips

The day after Penny's birthday party, we headed out of town to Tulipfest! I had been wanting to go for many years, but never thought the girls were of any age to get much out of it. This year, they loved it more than I could have imagined! Penny is in a real phase of appreciating flowers, so her mind was blown (as was mine). There were also swings, bounce houses, and other attractions to keep us entertained.

I asked Penny which color she liked the most. This is her broad gesture while she shouted, "All the colors!"

Who wouldn't love to ride these fields on a giant pink tractor?

My camera stayed focused on the tulips, but I still love this photo:

Don't worry, we only pick flowers off the ground, and out of the tent that sold cut stems :).

Penny's dress is homemade, though I didn't get a photo of it on its own before she wanted to wear it. It's a Carousel Dress, color blocked in a print I had only one yard of, and the solid color I used for her butterfly birthday dress. How I love this pattern. I'm dreaming of all the ways I can make more versions using only my scrap bag, like patchwork quilts my girls can wear all summer long. Lulu's sweater is the one I made for Easter.

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