Tuesday, March 15, 2016

To Meet The Bunny

Easter is coming early this year! I've been making some outfits the girls can wear to meet The Bunny.

For Lulu, a Bubble Dress made from Nani Iron En Garden double gauze in color Michi. Soft as can be, I'd like to live in a dress just like it. The sweater pattern is Springtime in Hollis (Ravelry link) made in a superwash merino wool, with a grosgrain ribbon and 3 button closure.  The shoes make me swoon, too. I got them for a song when a children's store in town decided to no longer carry shoes. It's hard when it feels like little people get all the good stuff :).

For Penny, I made an epic color-change sweater from a Drops Pattern (Ravelry link) and multicolored yarn in the discontinued colorway, Buttermint. It took me months to knit on size 2 needles in fingering weight yarn, and luckily the only 2 skeins that I had were enough, and the fit seems ok.

I also bought them each a used Golden Book from Powells, though I'm sure there will be no lack of chocolate, both on their faces and on their clothes. If past years are an indication, it should be an Easter full of treats.

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